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Approved fuels for
Tubular Lanterns:
1.  Non-Dyed (Clear) Kerosene
2.  Synthetic Kerosene
3.  Klean-Heat Kerosene Substitute
4.  Standard Clear Lamp Oil
Genuine Aladdin Lamp Oil

6.  Citronella Oil  (Outdoor use only)
(Use Klean-Heat or Standard Clear Lamp Oil for odor free use indoors.)

*Clear-Lite Synthetic Kerosene is no longer being manufactured and has been replaced by Klean-Heat Kerosene Substitute.

Dyed kerosene or lamp oil will eventually clog the wick and inhibit proper operation.  It can also permanently stain the lantern.





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Welcome to the Most Complete Source for Dietz Hurricane Kerosene Lanterns,
Oil Lamps, and
Tubular Lantern Parts in the World!

W. T. Kirkman Oil and Electric Lanterns, the only Tubular Oil Lantern manufacturer in the United States, is proud to offer the broadest selection anywhere of new kerosene lanterns and parts in our newly expanded E-Store.  We are the exclusive importer and distributor for the U.S.A. for Gaudard Kosmos Oil Lamps made in France, and now have one of the largest selections of Aladdin Mantle Lamp replacement parts in the Western United States.  Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer many items that are exclusive to our line, and won't be found elsewhere.  We also maintain an ever changing inventory of old stock replacement lantern parts and lantern globes for Dietz, Adlake, Handlan, C.T. Ham, Embury, Paull's Leader, Regal and several other lantern manufacturers.     If there is something special you are looking for that you cannot find, or if you just have a lantern question, visit our "About Us" to view the various ways to contact us.


The LanternNet Search Tool is a fast and easy way to find any lantern related item or topic.  It searches our entire LanternNet website, as well as a handful of other lantern related websites.  Enjoy!!

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We are pleased to announce the opening of our new full-line showroom and electric lamp and fixture fabrication, restoration, and repair service facility.  Showroom hours are from 10:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, or by appointment.  Will-call orders can be placed by calling our toll free number 877-985-5267.  Walk-in orders are also accepted.  We will also maintain our dealer spaces in the Original Old Town Ramona Antique Fair, which is open 7 days per week.  Click on the photo of our new showroom location for a map.         

To help find a dealer in your area, we have just added a DEALER LOCATOR PAGE for North America to our website.  Prospective dealers will also more easily find our Dealer Terms and Application 

UPS and FedEx have both raised their shipping rates 4.9% as of January First.  The U.S. Post Office has also raised rates for most all parcels.  While these increases are in line with the increases we've seen over each of the past few years, it makes shipping a single item more expensive than ever.  Shipping a second item will reduce the shipping cost per item substantially, so we encourage combining orders, or ordering spare parts in advance.

Our premium grade #1 Little Champ, #2 Champion, and newest model #350 Little Giant, galvanized lanterns are continuing to sell at unprecedented rates, mostly due to emergency preparedness orders.  (The #350 model is a nod to the Embury Little Supreme and Little Air Pilot lanterns, cousins of the Dietz Little Giant, first introduced in 1926.)  Our premium grade models are without a doubt the best tubular lanterns made.  The #350 Little Giant, shown above, will burn for over 40  hours on one filling, and is virtually tip-proof.  Our #2 Champion is the largest and brightest of our premium grade models, and is also our most popular lantern model.   
Here is an outside review of the No. 2 Champion worth reading.

Fall 2009:  Current State of Affairs:
It has been obvious to us for some time, (at least since November 2008,) we are experiencing a movement not unlike that of 1999 when everyone was preparing for the power to go off in Y2K.  We have also been adding a record number of new lantern dealers around the country.  With the increased number of orders we are processing, we have added extra help to maintain timely shipments.  We are also now automatically sending tracking numbers via e-mail for all orders placed on-line and shipped via UPS or FedEx.  If you need expedited shipping, give us a call toll free at 1-877-985-5267    

In response to numerous e-mails requesting a list of items that we produce in the U.S.A., we have added an American Made Items section to our E-store that lists the items that we offer that are made or assembled in the U.S.A., or that feature accessories that we make here in California.

This Just In:

Scientists are predicting that it is only a matter of time before Earth is hit with a solar storm similar to the one that hit in 1859 that shorted out telegraph systems and started fires in North America and Europe.  A major solar storm has the potential to interrupt power grids and communication systems world wide that could take months to restore.  The next peak in solar activity is expected in or by 2012.  Here is a link to a January 8th, 2009 Fox News story on the topic.  Here is a link to a Space.com article from October 27th, 2003 on the 1859 Solar Storm.  
UPDATE:  June 10, 2010
"The sun is waking up from a deep slumber, and in the next few years we expect to see much higher levels of solar activity," said Richard Fisher, head of NASA's Heliophysics Division:  
Electronic Armageddon? Congress Worries That Solar Flares Could Spell Disaster
UPDATE:  June 14, 2010
NASA warns solar flares from 'huge space storm' will cause devastation

UPDATE:  December 12th, 2009
LW Books, one of the largest publishers of specialty books for collectors, has closed their doors.  As a result, we have sold out of "Collectable Lanterns" and "Collectable Dietz Lanterns, 1917 Catalog Reprint," and are unable to restock these titles.  Additionally, Golden Hill Press, publishers of Tony Hobson's "Lanterns that Lit Our World" has discontinued Volume II, and most likely will not continue printing Volume I.  Earlier this year they discontinued the "1926 Dressel Catalog Reprint."

Something to Consider
There is a substantial savings on shipping by combining multiple lantern orders with your neighbors or congregation members.  Call us toll free at 1-877-985-5267 for assistance with placing combined orders.

In Other News. . . .
Lehman's Hardware in Kidron, Ohio, famous for their Non-Electric "Amish" Catalog,  has added our Galvanized No. 1 Little Champ and No. 2 Champion Lanterns, and our Polished Brass No. 1 and No. 2 Climax Lamps to their Lamp & Lantern Department, paper catalog, and website.  (Plan on spending at least a few hours if you visit Lehman's newly remodeled retail store.)  We have also started shipping our No. 2 Champion lanterns to McMaster-Carr again.      

Best Regards,
Woody and Dawn Kirkman



We take great pride in both our product line and customer service,
and strictly guarantee your complete satisfaction, or your money back.

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