Aladdin Genie III Shelf Lamp-Honey Amber w/ 12″ Shade

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Now Features the new MaxBrite 500 Series Burner!

A versatile Aladdin lamp that can be used on a table or shelf, or in a wall bracket or ceiling hanger. The removable 12″ white parchment shade softens the light. Perfect for emergency or everyday use.

■ Brown Translucent glass fount, solid brass burner
■ Height: 19″
■ Fount Diameter: 6″
■ Approximate Output: 50 C.P.
■ Burns 12 hrs per filling
■ Wick Cleaner and Shade Tripod Included
■ Imported
■ Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Brass, Nickel Plated Brass


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