Aladdin Regency Hanging Lamp w/ Honey Amber Fount

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Now Features the new MaxBrite 500 Series Burner!

The Aladdin Tilt Frame Hanging Lamp has origins to the 1930’s. Features a polished solid brass frame and Transparent Brown Genie III Fount. Tilt design allows for easy lamp removal and servicing. Also included is 24″ of solid brass chain. (Must have 18″ of vertical clearance.) Not for use above 4000′.

■ #23 heel-less burner
■ Height: 28″
■ Fount Diameter: 6″
■ Approximate Output: 50 C.P.
■ Burns 12 hrs per filling
■ Wick Cleaner Included
■ Imported
■ Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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